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Artists of the Selection Committee | Athens Conservatoire 




The selection committee reviewed ALL works and was inspired by your paintings!
Check out the activities they have prepared for you, select your favorite one, print it, paint it, photograph it, and write down your thoughts!

Panos Kokkinias

Panos is a photographer and he captures images with one click. 
Sometimes he likes to record his thoughts that are reflected in his pictures!

Using a smartphone or a camera, you can take photos of reflections around you.

Let’s see, can you find and see yourself in places you would never have imagined?

Nikomachi Karakonstanoglou

Many times, a line is enough to separate two worlds.

How do you think others see you and how do you feel inside?

You can paint, make collages or even choose a color that expresses each side.

Oh! And don’t forget to make nice thoughts about yourself…

Click here to print the design that Nikomachi has prepared for you.

Xara Marantidou

Play by yourself, with your friend or family!

Fill in the blanks with the information asked of you, cut the squares using scissors and discover pieces of yourself and your loved ones!

Click here to download the self-knowledge game that Xara designed with her own hands

Jannis Varelas

Use colors, cardboard, magazine or newspaper clippings and transform the figure that Jannis has drawn for you, into something of your own. You can add shoes or dress the figure however you wish. Paint the background around them and let your imagination run wild!

Click here to download the design on A4 size and print it using black and white and color ink.



This year, the collaboration between the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Athens Conservatoire provided the opportunity to students of the Theater, Dance and Music workshops to work around the concept of the mirror that was the inspiration behind this year’s competition!

Texts, photos and videos showcase how the children worked and created, inspired by the mirror.

Theater Workshop

«mirror mirror» 

How do you see yourself in the mirror?

How do you see yourself on the little box on your screen?

How would you like to see yourself among others? 


The students of the Theater Workshop for children and adolescents of the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire are recording their thoughts and conversations with great interest.

Click here to read the text they recorded, follow the instructions they share with us, make your own thoughts and answer the same questions!

The Dance School of the Athens Conservatoire inspires us to create our own choreographies.

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